west kootenay postpartum doula

A Letter From Your Postpartum Doula

Dear sweet family,

I am so honoured that you’ve chosen to welcome Nurtured Postpartum into your home and family during this vulnerable time. Thank you for trusting me with your heart, and with your family’s hearts.

You know that you want to be prepared for your new baby, and you know that means more than just preparing the nursery – you just are not sure how. Thank you for trusting me to help prepare you and your family for this upcoming transition. I promise to share my knowledge of pregnancy, birth, newborns, and the postpartum with you – including all the tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

I know that this is all overwhelming. I know that you are worried about how this transition will go for your family. How your older kids will adjust. How you will adjust to being a parent of more than one child. How your relationship with your partner will be affected. How on earth your heart can love this new baby as much as you love your older child. I know that you’re worried and stressed out about how you will make this work – logistically and emotionally. I know that you feel alone.

But you’re not alone.

I am here with you.

I am here to help you nourish and nurture your mind, body, and your heart – and to help make sure your family is nourished and nurtured too. I am here to make your postpartum experience easier and more positive – even when it may feel hard. I am here to help you reduce your anxiety and worry and to lighten that mental load. I am here to be a shoulder to cry on or another adult to laugh and chat with.

Whether you need rest, a good cry, some laundry folded, something yummy to eat, information, or just another adult human being to talk to, I am here. Yes, you can cry with me. I can take your big emotions – and your kids’ too. I know that this is a big, emotional time for all of you. Your hearts are safe with me. And if there’s something deeper going on, I know who can help you.

I want you to feel loved, supported, and respected and I want you to know that you are not alone.

Because you aren’t – you never were.

From my heart to yours,