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postpartum doula

A Letter From Your Postpartum Doula

Dear sweet family, I am so honoured that you’ve chosen to welcome Nurtured Postpartum into your home and family during this vulnerable time. Thank you for trusting me with your heart, and with your family’s hearts. You know that you want to be prepared for your new baby, and you […]

setting boundaries

How to Set Boundaries in the Postpartum: A Guide

Setting boundaries in the postpartum can be difficult, but it’s so important to do – especially after having children. Setting boundaries (and communicating them) ahead of birth can ensure that you have the support you need when you need it. 

postpartum doula

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in a Pandemic

I am no stranger to sharing my story of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. I am very open about that part of my life. Recently, I told my story again. Only in front of a camera for Global Edmonton. It was slightly nerve-wracking, but it is so important to me that […]


Using Breathing to Reduce Fear in Pregnancy

Practicing breathing exercises in pregnancy is a great way to reduce tension and relieve stress. These exercises can be helpful for handling any stress and tension that comes up in pregnancy, but also, they can be useful in early labour, in postpartum, in parenting…really, just in life in general! Read […]