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Community Support Fund

As a society, we do not support new families enough in the ways that they need. So often, new families feel lost and alone as they struggle through some often dark days. There are so many moments that can feel dark and lonely. Moments of despair, of fear, of exhaustion. Moments where new parents need someone to help them feel human again. 

I’ve lived those moments. Many of those moments. That’s why I do what I do. So that I can be that person to make you feel human again.

I believe that this kind of postpartum support should be available to all families.

That’s why I have developed this Community Support Fund to help families who may not be able to access doula support due to financial restraints. Your financial situation should not determine how supported you feel when you have a baby. 

What is it?

For every postpartum care package purchased, 5% of the total package cost will be put into the Community Support Fund. Your purchase will gift another family much needed support and show them how much they are loved.

Not only will you feel supported postpartum, but your purchase will extend that support to other local families.

Families supporting families.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase your Postpartum Care Package.ย 
  2. 5% of that cost automatically goes into the Community Support Fund.ย 
  3. You receive your care and feel good knowing that a portion of your purchase is helping another family.

How can you access it?

Apply to receive access to this fund and have a portion or all of your care covered by it.

Applications open quarterly, and will open again in March 2021. Stay tuned.

Applications will be accepted based on several factors, and applying does not guarantee acceptance. If you need postpartum care before March 2021 and would like to access this support, please contact me.