edmonton doula

Postpartum Doula Support

An Edmonton Postpartum Doula can help ease the struggle of the early and later postpartum so that you can stress less and have a more positive Fourth Trimester! A postpartum birthworker helps make the transition easier for the whole family. Both night and day support available.

edmonton postpartum doula

Virtual Postpartum Support

In an increasingly digital world, more families want to access virtual services. Virtual postpartum support gives you an unbiased, safe place to ask all your questions, and unload all your emotions. Whether you want educational support or emotional support, virtual postpartum support is for everyone.

Edmonton postpartum doula

Community Support Fund

Some families may not be able to access doula support due to financial restraints. This support fund is available to help make postpartum support more accessible. Your financial situation should not determine how supported you feel when you have a baby. All families deserve support.

Not Sure if a Doula is Right for You?

Is cost an issue? No problem! We understand budget concerns all too well, especially as your family grows. It’s not always easy to add something extra into the budget. For that reason, we offer differently sized packages and payment plans. We also offer gift certificates – just let people know that you’d like that for a baby gift!

Already have family and friend support? Wonderful! We can fill in for the times that family and friends are unable to be there so that your main support system can stay fresh. You can be sure that we are an unbiased sounding board for any worry or concern you may have. We are also fully versed in the changes that a birthgiver’s body goes through during birth and the postpartum period. Want to chat about how an Edmonton Postpartum Doula can help?

Please fill out this form, and expect a reply within the 1-2 days (be sure to check your spam folder!). We look forward to seeing how we can help you have a more positive birth and postpartum experience. 

Currently, Nurtured Postpartum is offering virtual consults (either video or phone). All consults are free!