postpartum must haves

Postpartum? Let Yourself Rest.

You’ve just had your baby and now, you’re home.

Whether you’ve just come home from the hospital, or you had your baby at home and your midwives have left, either way, you’re home.

And suddenly reality hits you.

You are wholly and entirely responsible for another life.

Oh. My. Word.

But how can you be responsible for this amazing life before you and still get all the things done that you are “supposed to” do?

If we look out to the world, we see messages and posts of new parents that are getting right back to the swing of things. They are newly postpartum and are going out to concerts, and working out, and their bodies have “snapped back,” and their house is spotless, and their other children are most definitely not just sitting in front of Paw Patrol and their dishes are all done and they’re always eating completely nutritious and perfect meals. Spoiler alert: this is false! It’s all part of the highlight reel!

We get so many messages in the postpartum period that tell us we have to do more and be more. We find ourselves feeling bad if we’re not ready to go out into the world with our brand new baby. Very rarely do we hear what our spirit and our bodies need to heal in the postpartum. 


Our bodies and our spirits heal when we rest. When we have gone through a huge transition, we need to rest. And there is no other transition like the transition of maidenhood to motherhood that we experience in birth and the postpartum period.

I know. It’s so hard to rest when we have messages telling us to do more coming at us from so many places. But it’s so important. 

Whatever you have to do to get yourself some rest, do it.

Put on a few episodes of Paw Patrol or Super Why for your toddler. Leave the dishes in the sink and the laundry unfolded. Forget about the sticky hand prints on the wall and the dust bunnies in the corner. Call a friend to come hold the baby while you nap with the your toddler. Call for takeout. Ask a friend to bring you some nutritious food. 

Do all of the above.  Or hire a postpartum doula.


How can a postpartum doula help you get rest so you can heal and transition to your new normal?

Lots of ways! 

From taking over night time baby duties to making sure your other children are entertained to ensuring that you and your partner are nourished with nutritious and delicious food, a postpartum doula can help you thrive. Throw in a couple of loads of laundry folded, some dishes washed, a listening ear, and an unbiased, accessible source of information on all things baby and postpartum, and you’ve got yourself rest and time to breathe out all those messages of do more and be more that society keeps sending us.

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