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Share Your Story

Do you have a pregnancy or birth story that people go “WOAH” when you tell them? Do you love talking about your pregnancy and birth stories? Do you have experience in something that MUST be shared with new families? Then please, read on. 

Our stories have so much power – for us and for others. There is so much healing that can happen when we realize that we are not alone! And Nurtured Postpartum wants to give you the opportunity to share yours.

That’s right. We are collecting pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stories to feature on the blog – all kinds of stories. No matter how your baby was born, where you birthed, what happened in your pregnancy, or what happened during your postpartum  – your story matters and we want to share it. Your story will be featured on the blog and on social media.

Ready to Submit?

Are you in? Then read on! Please submit your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum story below – any story! No need to sugarcoat or leave out the hard parts of your story either – we are happy to include a trigger warning when necessary. Topics include (but are not limited to): your birth story, pregnancy or infant loss, perinatal mood disorders, pelvic floor issues, your fertility journey, adjusting to life as a new parent, sex after baby, your relationship after baby, things you didn’t expect, pregnancy/postpartum during pandemic life, what you found most helpful, your unique parenting story, etc.  

Please know, if you’d like to remain anonymous, you absolutely can!

Guidelines for submitting your story:

  1. Please edit your story. Watch spelling and basic grammar, and keep it to around 600-1200 words. No need to be exact here though! Also, know that we may slightly tweak your submission, but we will never make significant edits.
  2. You do not have to include images, but if you do, please ensure that you have permission to share and please include the originial photographer’s name and website so we can give proper credit.
  3. Any racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, ableist, or slanderous content and language will not be accepted. Please be mindful of the words that you use for other people.