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Postpartum Doula Support

The transition to parenthood does not always come easily. It can be a struggle to adjust with a new baby, especially if you already have children. The mental load can be staggeringly heavy. Without sufficient support, postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety have the perfect environment to flourish. I know, I’ve fought postpartum depression myself and I’ve come out the other side.  

But you don’t have to feel like you’re juggling 20 different balls in the air while also trying to heal! You don’t have to carry such a heavy mental load. You can be present in those moments and not worry about all of that other stuff! You can build your confidence and say good-bye to all that parent guilt. A postpartum doula provides the reliable and judgement free support that you need and meets you where you are at.


Daytime Postpartum Doula Support

Shifts from 8 am - 10 pm

Support to help you lighten the mental load so you can be more present in your day. Each day shift is based on your family's unique needs from day to day, and may include (but is not limited to):

• Assistance with baby care (feed, diaper, play, hold, etc).
• Physical relief from baby care while you heal, rest, shower, or nourish your own body and soul.
• Emotional support - unload if you need it. I can take it.
• Sourcing and providing of evidence-based information.
• Educational support - baby/postpartum what to expect.
• Educational support - infant feeding.
• Educational support - babywearing
• Educational support - baby sleep
• Preparation of snacks or light meals & help with meal planning and prepping
• Light housekeeping (dishes, laundry, tidying up in high use areas)
• Tend to other children while you rest with baby
• Company for errands or appointments - let me help you get out of the house for those groceries! (We can not transport clients)
• Community resource connections & referrals
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Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

Shifts from 8 pm - 7 am

Support that will help your family get the rest they need so everyone is better able to cope with all of the changes a new baby brings! Each overnight shift is based on your family's unique needs from night to night, and may go as follows:

• Discuss how your day went and any questions that you may have.
• Provide any requested resources.
• If nursing, you can give your baby one last feed before you go to bed for the night.
• I will take baby and burp, change, and soothe your baby until they fall asleep.
• While baby sleeps, I will do light (quiet) housework, meal prep, or find resources that you may need. If all those things are done, I will rest until baby wakes.
• When baby wakes to eat, I will either feed baby a bottle or bring baby to nurse. Repeat as many times as necessary.
• Near the end of the shift, I will prepare breakfast/coffee/etc for the family if desired.
• Debrief the night (either in person or via text later that day) and leave you to either sleep longer or enjoy your breakfast/coffee.

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Rates & Packages

The Daytime Package

Daytime Postpartum Support
In-home daytime postpartum care
  • Postpartum Planning Workshop
  • Postpartum Planning Support
  • Postpartum Resource Package
  • Text/email/phone support immediately
  • Investment:

    20-59 hours at $32/hour
    60-99 hours at $31/hour
    100+ hours at $30/hour

The Sleep Package

Overnight Postpartum Support
$ In-home exclusive, overnight postpartum care
  • Postpartum Planning Workshop
  • Postpartum Planning Support
  • Postpartum Resource Package
  • Text/email/phone support immediately
  • Investment:

    40-79 hours at $31/hour
    80–119 hours at $30/hour
    120+ hours at $29/hour

Hourly Rate

Doula Support as You Need It When You Only Need a Little
In Home or Virtual Support
  • Hourly in-home day time care (minimum 4 hr shifts. Must book at time of purchase. No phone/text support.): $35/hr
  • In-home overnight care: $250/8 hour, $280/9 hour, $310/10 hour (Must book at time of purchase. No phone/text support.)
  • Doula "As You Go" Virtual Support (phone or video chat): $20/30 min

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