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Find Your Parenting Village

“It takes a village.” We hear those words all around us when we begin to grow our families. But what does it really mean? Read on to find out why having a strong support system is important and how you can build your very own parenting village.


Becoming a Mom

This summer I am becoming a Mom. This sentence may seem a bit strange. Anyone who knows me, knows that my oldest daughter, Hayden, turns 8 at the end of the year. I’ve been a Mom for what feels like forever and I am a Mom to three beautiful kids. […]

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I Didn’t Know How Hard Parenting Would Be

I don’t know what I pictured having kids would be like. Likely some picture perfect vision with sounds of laughter and little feet running around while I read them books, tried to avoid stepping on Lego, and drove them to basketball games.

I suppose I got some of it right.